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At XXII Century, we always have our driver’s best interests at heart. We believe our drivers are the biggest assets in our transportation business, and we strive to keep them happy and motivated in such a rewarding career!
Ultimately, XXII CENTURY helps consumers ensure scalable future success by tapping into the supply chain and providing the best, most reliable drivers to handle their freight deliveries every day.

"I've come to really appreciate the company culture here that's really based around a relationship with driver, the driver's comfort, and ability to do his/her job on their own terms. The perks here you will not find anywhere else."

Randy M.

"I’ve been working for XXII Century for quite some time now and can assure you that I’m more than satisfied being a part of it."

Jerald R.

"Everyone here at XXII Century has been very friendly and helpful, one of the best leasing opportunities I've come across. Definitely room for growth if you want it."

John J.

“Driving for this company has been one of the best decisions I have made. The pay is very reasonable and I am treated like a professional driver. ”

Kevin B.

“My experience working with XXII Century is great, you'll find friendly faces and hard-working people, wish I would've found them earlier”

Dimitri W.

"Two and a half years in XXII Century proved to be a stellar decision to earn on a road, as company is led by great leadership, willingness and desire to keep me rolling. I am grateful to David and Paul for opportunity to try myself not only as Company Driver but Leased Owner as well."

Robert W.

Trusted By Many


Easily, clearly and accurately find out what we have planned even 4 days ahead.


Trucking Veteran

shares her 27 years over the road experience and claims she finally  found her dream company!


XXII Century transportation service is both driver and customer-centric, reliable and punctual. Whether you need an LTL or Partial Truckload, Full Truckload, Flatbed Truck Service, White Glove Service or a unique customized service, we are always ready with our Dry Van & Flat Rack, Reefer (Refrigerated), FTL (Full Truckload), Heavy Haul & Hazmat, Drayage or Bulk to serve you.

Why Choose XXII Century?

Every Client is Unique

We operate with a boots-on-the-ground approach. We prioritize each customer regardless of the budget or job size.

Technology Driven Service

XXII Century has Dry Vans, Reefers/Heaters, Flatbeds for FTL (Full Truckload), Heavy Haul & Hazmat, Drayage or Bulk and other transportation needs at your disposal 24x7.

Extensive Fleet. Extensive Service.

XXII Century has Dry Vans, Reefers/Heaters, Flatbeds for FTL (Full Truckload), Heavy Haul & Hazmat, Drayage or Bulk and other transportation needs at your disposal 24x7.

Great Workplace Inspires Professionalism and Excellent Service

XXII Century offers excellent workplace incentives and the utmost priority to our drivers. Our trucks are comfortable, and we accommodate our drivers’ needs to ensure a happy experience working with our company.


Reduce your overhead spending when you book loads through our vast freight network. Get pre-qualified today!


You don’t have to purchase your own trailer, you can use ours! Increase your profit margin with fewer equipment purchases.

in operations

XXII Century utilizes highly advanced shipping methods and cutting-edge technology in our operations and business processes. In addition, we invest in our human resources. We hire only the best candidates. We have a record-breaking success rate and many repeat happy customers!


Get on the road in the latest model truck with the lowest operating costs. We’ll get you going and set you up for success in your very own truck.


Our app is precise, keeps track of 24/7 on-time delivery, paperless operations, accurate billing. We hire only the best candidates and invest in our drivers’ happiness. Our team is trained to implement the best practices and tackle the challenges of the transporting and logistics industry.


Let us know how we can help. We’d love to hear from you.